Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buttercups' new digs

The new home among the gum trees

and her new friends - the Hamburg chickens

Buttercup appears to be taking it all in her stride. She is feeling so good she is even laying an egg or 2.
The new Hamburg chickens are also very pretty with good temperaments and don't appear to be interested in victimising buttercup, which is a change from our old chooks.

There are a few other friends to get familiar with..

This one was making himself at home scratching on the outdoor furniture. He spends a lot of time scratching which is quite comical until you realise that it is due to mange - then it's quite sad.

Other inhabitants are also making themselves at home. The new swing is a bit bigger than the old one. They are also enjoying the sand pit in the horse stable and the cattle race.


  1. Helllllo There, How lovely to hear that the lovely Butercup has settled in and too such a lovely home too! And what handsome friends she has! Glad to see the little ones have some new fun but looking at that slope Im wondering if they may need to grow some mountain goat skills! Looking forward to reading all your news. Alice is only just coming to gripos with its loss... the sky is still crying! Love to all - Katj

  2. Wow - Fancy having your own lumbering Wombat. Does he have a name yet? I wish I didn't know about the mange though, that was sad. Looks like you guys are getting stuck right into it! Good luck, with the whole tree change thing.