Monday, November 22, 2010

Instant Tomatos

One of the first plants to go in the new garden were the Tomatoes grown for me by my Father in Law.
So Day 1 - plant Tomatoes
Day 2 net Tomatoes.

One of our most stunning birds around here is the Satin Bowerbirds. They are also quite fond of anything green in the garden including the leaves of the Tomato plants, and as of yesterday bean leaves.

We are in the process of organising netting for the vegie garden which will be followed in time by netting of the orchard - which is not really producing anything at the moment.

Baby grasshoppers are also very abundant and are having a munch on the new bean seedlings but seem not interested in the peas. More netting being thrown around as a consequence.

Lots more stuff planted in the ground and in pots - updates to follow

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buttercups' new digs

The new home among the gum trees

and her new friends - the Hamburg chickens

Buttercup appears to be taking it all in her stride. She is feeling so good she is even laying an egg or 2.
The new Hamburg chickens are also very pretty with good temperaments and don't appear to be interested in victimising buttercup, which is a change from our old chooks.

There are a few other friends to get familiar with..

This one was making himself at home scratching on the outdoor furniture. He spends a lot of time scratching which is quite comical until you realise that it is due to mange - then it's quite sad.

Other inhabitants are also making themselves at home. The new swing is a bit bigger than the old one. They are also enjoying the sand pit in the horse stable and the cattle race.