Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gleaning apples and beaming beans

Yummy apples ripening on the roadside. I reckon they must be related to johnathon although i put them on a bowl and found it hard to tell them apart from Gravensteins.

Apples from roadside trees, Blackberry jam and Tomato puree
 Our Nashi pears are ripe - about 2 weeks later than other people lower down in the valley. They are absolutely luscious.
A friend and i picked a couple of kilos of blackberries early in the week and did the Jam thing. It is always surprisingly good. Tomatoes are demanding to be used and are crowding the inside of the fridge in various shaped containers, as well as occupying the window sills.

Ripening beauties
My pickling german pickling cucumbers are about to start producing after the bees discovered the bounty of blossoms. I was a bit worried that we were not getting bees in the vege garden because of the netting, but i think as soon as you have a good number of flowers they start to turn up.
Various types of beans are going to seed .

Bean varieties in the garden

 The Westralia beans (climbing with white flowers) are quite fantastic. Very long  (25cm) and flat and delicious, although i am trying to save the seeds from those as i did not get many to grow.
The Zebra beans (climbing with purple/pink flowers) are producing well and are round in cross section with some purple flecks/ spots.
 The Borlottis (climbing with pink flowers) are flattish bean but a straight pod and reddish transverse flecks .
The Dutch pole bean (climbing with pink flowers) pods are flattish with a slight curve and have smaller reddish flecks when they get quite old.

Dutch pole beans

Helens white seeded bush bean is a dwarf bush bean that i have been growing for years now but was originally from seedsavers. All my other beans are from formal and informal seed networks and so i didn't have huge quantities of them to grow. Next year i can grow them in bulk as well as having some to share.

Helens' white seeded bush bean