Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to de-brood a chook....

Find a pet carrier from a defunct airline.

Farewell all her friends

Take her on a road trip.
Introduce her to some new friends a long the way

Expose her to grand new destinations
Show her a sense of adventure
wine and dine her with luxury accommodation along the way
She'll not only stop being broody, but you will develop a special relationship that will last until she finds some other hens to hang around with.

Stay tuned for Buttercups' arrival at her new digs..............


  1. she chook 'em all nite long!

  2. A traveling chicken.:) After all of this road trip adventure stuff she just might have a hard time staying put when you get her to the new home.

  3. Hi Judy - she might be a fast machine, but she didn't keep her garage clean. We did that via a quick clean system of sheets of newspaper that we whipped out several times a day. Thank you Anna for setting us up with that!

    Mr H. We might have started something here! However if she does want to free range she is going to need to learn to dodge foxes!

  4. :-)

    What a way to de-brood a chook. She sure looks like one special girl.

    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Belinda- she is somewhat less special now with the unexpected arriveal of 6 Hamburg hens (very pretty) who also lay eggs (unlike 7 year old Buttercup). The pecking order is currently being sorted.

  6. I LOVE it. I'm a bit embarassed to say that this is my first visit to your blog, but it won't be my last.
    By the way, we spent about 20mins last night discussing your chickens. Thanks for the tip!