Sunday, January 17, 2010

Orchard anatomy

This orchard is just for domestic use with some consideration for planting more of the better performing varieties for non domestic production

Apples planted.
. somewhat hurridly chosen. had to contend with a lack of any back ground knowledge in the area so here's my rationale for the choices.
Rome beauty - later apple and good storer
cox's orange pippin - great tasting apple i'd heard about
Irish peach - coz Jackie French siad it was good.... so we shall see
Akane - early producer

The aim is to spread apples over the longest period, grow varieties i can't buy elsewhere and i can always graft on other varieties once they are big enough.

most ashamed of my lack of knowledge here and chose the following
Burre Bosc
Packhams Triumph

i emphasise my willingness to graft!

who knows?? most of the ones i've trie din the shops seem to taste pretty good

short names - hopefully not on flavour.

Now i would have liked to choose more plums - and possibly i do need another one for a pollinator. But i started to wonder how overloaded with fruit i was going to be?

Berries - brambles
I grabbed a bunch of differnt ones to see which would do well in the conditions here.

rasberry autumn fruiting
Rasberry summer fruiting
Loganberry thornless
I'll divide them in a couple of years and plant some rows but for now they are interplanted between some other fruit trees. hope i don't live to regret that.

we have a fig on the property that never ripens as the weather is too cold, but it makes a lovely display in a vase.
The fig was requested to ripen.
Black Genoa

These were suck and see. if they do well i can plant more - especially the almonds. I was told to plant them in an airy situation as they could possibly get fungal attack.
Almond "self pollinating"
Apricot - Tilton
Peach - golden queen

Will it be cold enough for currants?? Blueberries should be fine.
Red currant
Black currant
Blueberry - sharp blue
Blueberry - Biloxi

The wish list.... for future planting

Hazel nuts
Japanese raisin tree

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