Wednesday, November 11, 2009

spring jobs

With the many tree falls over fences we were kept quite busy. Mostly with aged and rotten silver wattles that fell down in big winds.

We installed the tank to catch overflow from the current tank. If only i had more photos of the method we used to get it up the hill. It was tied onto a triangular sled made from a couple of saplings, with a little jockey wheel at the apex. this was all tied to the back of a 4 wheel drive and it worked amazingly well. After a lot of thought and angst about how we were to get it up the hill, it was in the end very easy.

Spring Orchids were out - A wee Chiloglottis....

And is was just generally very pretty weather.

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  1. WOW,WOW AND WOW!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful place guys!
    And here I was thinking you had a house block in a town in the Valley...