Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Funghi in the forest

Apparently mother nature has decided that it's time for the field mushrooms to come out. Something to do with copious rain (250mm) and humidity this month. These mushrooms are however more forest than field and are liable to be found in the lovely mulch beneath silver wattles (Acacia dealbata) on the edges of paddocks. They seem to have a particular aversion to growing under Eucalyptus around here - whereas in South Australia they could be found commonly under Red Gums (E. camaldulensis).

Mushrooms day 1

As i am a lover of mushroomy flavours in soups and stocks I'm drying mobs of the field mushrooms in the food dryer and filling the larder. I added the fresh fungi to a risotto tonight which was delectable - but dried mushrooms can also be used.

Mushrooms day 2
My second mushroom preserve which as turned out to be extremely delicious is mushrooms preserved in oil. The recipe comes from an excellent book called "Preserving the Italian way" by Pietro Demaio. You boil the mushrooms for 3 minutes in a mixture of 1 part white wine vinegar and three parts water. Squeeze the juice out of them by leaving them over night with a weight on top, and put them under oil the following morning with herbs etc. Use a light Olive oil to get the most out of the mushroom flavours.

mushrooms day 3

The good part of this recipes is that you can eat them on sandwiches or biscuits and they don’t have to be mixed into a meal. We have had issues with certain young people complaining about mushrooms in their meals so this recipe keeps adults and children happy. And who knows the children may even be tempted to try one?

Mushrooms preserved under oil and dried mushrooms

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  1. Oh wow, look at all those mushrooms...what a great haul, good for you.:)